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c/o Henning Fuchs
mobil: 0049 (0)160 6288876

The Couscousbear with: (Crew) Phillip Woelfel,Henning Fuchs,Franziska Smolarek,Marc Specter,Sina Derkum,Judith Kehrle,Emily Voelker,Saori Koenig,Christian Hildebrand,Lynn Buschhueter,James Rawlinson,Jo Joanna Turbitt; (Musicians) Patrick Muller (Vibraphone,Glockenspiel,Drums),Tobias Fleischer (Double Bass, Fretless Bass),Lucinda Tucker (Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone),Martin Schmitt (Guitar),Chris Rogers (Chant),Ingvild Hasund (Vocals),Sibylle Fassler (Vocals),Emily Gervers (Vocals),Rebecca Elbs (Flute),Rachel Holden (Flute),Heather Sheldon (Oboe),Sharin Rello (tenor saxophone),Rob Burgess (basson),Simon Poole (trumpet,french horn),Hannah Peel (trombone),Sarah Anderson (violine); (Extra) Bille Fuchs (soundtrack cover design). Der couscousbär (couscousbaer) is a puppet play (puppenspiel) performed at the jump ship rat (parr street, liverpool) and rehearsed at the liverpool institute for performing arts (paul mccartney school) with couscous, puppets and puppen; a final performance project,fpp at lipa, united kingdom (england).

email: henningfuchs@couscousbear.com